We’re celebrating 25 years in business!

WOW what a journey it has been. February 2024 marks 25 years of running my own bookkeeping business. When I started out (just before GST began for those who remember) I never imagined that I would be here now, in fact I’m not sure what I imagined. I know I was scared, uncertain and as a single parent of 2 girls under 3 taking a very big risk.

It hasn’t been easy and the road has been bumpy, there have been changes to the business name and structure as well as many life challenges along the way but it has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.

Running my own business has given me the freedom and flexibility to spend time with my children and now grandchildren, to do the important things and be there for the milestones as they occur, it has supported my family to be connected and happy. This is my passion and my number one reason for still being here 25 years later.

I truly love what I do, I love helping my clients and seeing them succeed but most of all I love the fact that I can give them back their time to do the things they enjoy with the people they love.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me over the last 25 years, firstly to my clients for giving me a business and my staff for helping me keep things running. To the amazing mentors and coaches who have helped me grow and develop and the suppliers and associates who provide so much. To those in business that I have networked with and met at events and those who have referred me business. There are so many people over the years its hard to keep track but most of all I say thank you to my family. To my dad for always being on the other end of the phone to work through an issue or congratulate an achievement and to my children and grandchildren for allowing me the opportunity to be able to run this amazing business with the sometimes crazy hours, unexpected calls and in the early days particularly, often unpredictable schedule.

We are still planning how we are going to celebrate this milestone so keep an eye out for future updates. We are also planning to introduce a referral reward program to say a further thanks to those of you who refer us business as well as a People We Work With Series to help other small businesses to connect.

In the meantime if you would like save time, reduce stress and be less overwhelmed so you can spend more time doing the things you love book a Free Strategy Session here.



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