How to use your website to attract quality staff

Most companies need a website to conduct their business, but it’s also a critical piece of the puzzle in attracting amazing team members. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your website is always making a great impression, so you can attract great people to join your team.

1. Think of your website as your storefront

These days, your website is the online face of your business. It can be even more important than your physical office. Potential employees are going to check it out first to decide if you’re a good fit for them. They will decide whether a job is worth applying for solely based on the website of the company who posted it.

Consider your social media presence as well, which is important to younger workers. Folks want to get an idea of the general feeling that your company evokes — and to see if your values align with theirs. It’s critical to make this first impression count.

Check that everything links up, works well, and looks good. If you impress them with your online presence, especially your website, they’ll take the next step.

2. Define who you’re trying to attract

It’s difficult to show off what you have to offer if you’re not clear on exactly who you’re trying to impress. Take some time to think about what skill set, attitude, and qualifications you desire. Once you know who you’re looking for, it will be easier to figure out what sort of perks or features they would find appealing. Make sure to display these on your website.

3. Showcase what makes you different from the rest

Put yourself in the shoes of a career-hunter. When you’re looking around online for a prolonged amount of time, companies often start to blur together. This is why it’s so important to make yourself stand out.

When you’re sifting through a big stack of resumes, you need something to catch your eye to call that person for an interview. By the same token, job-seekers are also looking for something that makes them stop and take a longer look.

If you offer great benefits, say so. If you have a great volunteer program, show it off. If your office celebrates the end of every work week with drinks, mention it. Things that make you unique will help you to stand out in the mind of someone great.

4. Show your personality

It’s critical that you display your true personality on your website. If you’re giving off the impression of a stuffy, old-fashioned office… chances are you will attract candidates that feel stuffy or old-fashioned. Likewise, if your presence is too casual, you might attract staff that are also just a little bit too casual.

Your About page is the best place to do this. If you “hire and fire” based on your company values, it’s a good idea to showcase what they are. This way you can find great people who share them.

5. Show off your team

People want to get an idea of what their day-to-day life would feel like if they worked for you. If you have a team, showcase them. Be sure to include a bio with more information and insight into each person and their role.

If you’re performing regular employee feedback surveys, see if you have any shining testimonials to showcase on your careers page. Talented people are smart. They’re going to find out what your team (past and present) has to say about you one way or another. Why not show them the great things they have to say right up front?

6. Use video

Great photos are non-negotiable on any website, but another way to stand out is by using video. It’s a memorable way to give more insight into what your company is like. You can use it to showcase your office space or locations, or you can use it to drive home your values by including testimonials from clients or staff. Feel free to get creative, but make sure to hire a professional to help you make the best impression.

Final thoughts

Gone are the days of setting up a static website with your phone number and address. Today’s websites have to be beautiful, impressive, and dynamic. Fresh content is key. If you want to attract top talent, make sure your website is always ready to give a stellar first impression.

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